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As soccer is one of the most popular kinds of sports on the globe, it’s no wonder that it has several variations. The Australian (or Aussie) rules is right among the modified versions of the ‘beautiful game’. Played by professionals in Australia and amateurs in many other countries, the Aussie rules fixtures are just as amazing as the classical soccer matches. So, if you’ve never paid much attention to the Australian rules soccer, it’s time to learn more about this game!

Here on YesPlay, you can predict the Aussie rules scores of the upcoming professional and amateur matches. But first of all, try to immerse yourself into the rules of this unusual game.

Aussie rules basics and regulations

Forget about the typical rectangular soccer pitch and the round ball. The Australian rules football field, just like the ball, is of an oval shape. Moreover, the pitch is usually quite big, so players must be incredibly fit to keep up the pace during the match. By the way, the Aussie rules fixtures usually last for 80 minutes (4 quarters of 20 minutes each with a short break between them).

On each end of the field, there are two 6m high posts — the ‘goals’. Slightly behind them, there are another two posts, called the ‘behinds’. To score a goal, a player must kick it successfully between the ‘goals’ so it crosses the goal line. Such a goal earns a team 6 points.

There is also another kind of goal (a ‘point’), which adds only 1 point to the team’s score. To score a ‘point’, a player can:

  • push a ball through the ‘goals’ with a help of the other player;
  • kick a ball between a ‘goal’ and a ‘behind’;
  • hit the ‘goal’ with a ball.

The team with the biggest number of Aussie rules scores are crowned winners.

The Aussie rules teams consist of 22 players. Not more than 36 players (18 from each team) can be on the pitch simultaneously. The players can move the ball across the Australian rules football field while bouncing, kicking or ‘handballing’ it. It is prohibited to throw the ball and a player who does it presents a free kick to the opponents.

The most popular Australian rules competitions are the men’s and women’s AFL. So, if you want to predict some Australian rules football results, pay more attention to these tournaments!

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