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Founded in 1925, the LMB Mexico is the oldest professional baseball league in Mexico. Currently, it is a part of the Minor League Baseball structure. Just like the Pacific Coast League and the International League, the competition has a Triple-A class, which is only one level lower than the MLB. So, it’s no wonder that each tournament’s edition draws a lot of attention from both baseball fans and gamblers.

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LMB format

As for now, there are 16 Mexican Baseball League teams, which are evenly divided between the two divisions: South and North. A regular season usually starts in March and consists of the two parts (“championships”). In a course of a regular season, every team plays 114 fixtures in total.

During every part of a regular season, a team plays 9 LMB baseball matches with the one specific club from its respective division. As for the other division members, a participant meets each of them 6 times. Moreover, each club plays 12 fixtures against the 4 teams from the opposite division (3 matches against each team). The two teams from different divisions can meet each other only in the one part of a regular season.

When the regular season is over, the LMB playoffs begin. The three highest clubs from each division’s table enter the playoffs directly, while the 4th and 5th clubs from each division play out the remaining playoff berth in a single-elimination game. The playoff participants are ranked 1st to 4th, with accordance to the Mexican Baseball League standings of their division.

The LMB playoffs consist of the 3 rounds. In the 1st round, teams play within their divisions in the following way:

  • the 4th with the 1st;
  • the 3rd with the 2nd.

The winners of the 1st round advance to the 2nd round, playing within their respective divisions again. Finally, both divisions’ champions meet in a grandiose final (Serie del Rey) to define the winner. The final has a best-of-seven format, just like all the other playoff stages.

The best Mexican Baseball League teams

As the competition has a more than 90-year history, it has several top-scorers. Among the most famous LMB teams are:

  • Diablos — 16 wins;
  • Tigres — 12 wins;
  • Sultanes — 9 wins;
  • Pericos and Tecolotes — 5 wins each.

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