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About 30 years ago, a coach Leon Najnudel, and a journalist Osvaldo Oscaritas created the Argentine National Basketball League as a merger of several local competitions. But did they know that their project would become a worthy Argentine analog to NBA? Although the competition’s format is a little unusual, Argentina LNB basketball fixtures are incredibly popular in the country and overseas. Why don’t you try to predict their outcomes with

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LNB format

The competition’s format is a little like the format of NBA. There are 20 LNB Argentina teams, which are evenly split between the two conferences: Northern and Southern. Just like in the NBA, the clubs take part in a regular season and then in the playoffs, with a little break for an All-Star Game.

The LNB regular season consists of the two stages. First, every team meets each of its conference members twice. After that, clubs keep their scores and proceed to the second stage, which is a double round-robin competition between the LNB Argentina teams from both conferences. However, each conference still has its own standings table.

During the regular season, every club plays 56 LNB basketball matches. After that, the playoff competition starts. Conferences’ winners and runners-up get byes to the Conference semi-finals, while teams on positions 3rd to 6th in each conference start competing in the Conference quarter-finals. These two stages are followed by the Conference finals, where two strongest clubs of each conference fight for a chance to join the Championship Final. It is notable that all playoff rounds have a best-of-five format, but the Championship Final consists of the 7 LNB basketball matches.

Both participants of the Championship Final get places in the FIBA Americas League for the following season. Those teams, which leave the competition in the Conference finals, are eligible for the Liga Sudamericana de Basquetbol. As for the clubs, which finish last in their conferences, they also play a best-of-five playoff series, with the loser being relegated to the Torneo Nacional.

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The best LNB Argentina results

The tournament already has some teams, which can boast of the record-breaking LNB Argentina results. These are:

  • Atenas — 9 wins;
  • Penarol — 5 wins;
  • Ferro Carril Oeste — 3 wins;
  • Boca Juniors — 3 wins.

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