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If you’re a fan of the basketball EuroLeague, you’ve definitely heard about the EuroCup, too. This cross-country tournament is considered the second tier of the European professional basketball. In EuroCup fixtures, the best teams from all over Europe compete for the promotion to the EuroLeague. So, the competition in the EuroCup is always incredibly strong!

Use our basketball odds today to place the most precise bets on your favorite EuroCup teams. However, if you feel not confident enough to bet on this tournament yet, keep reading to learn more about the EuroCup.

Competition format

The tournament was founded in 2002, so its format has changed several times. As for now, the EuroCup basketball schedule consists of the 3 stages. The first stage is the regular season, which involves 24 teams. These clubs enter the EuroCup thanks to their high domestic performance.

In the regular season, teams are equally split between the 4 groups. Every group plays a double round-robin tournament. After that, 4 participants from each group with the best EuroCup basketball results enter the next stage — the round of 16.

There are also 4 groups in the round of 16, and every group plays the double round-robin tournament again. The group winners and runners-up qualify for the EuroCup playoffs. It is a three-round elimination tournament, which defines the winner of the whole competition.

In the first round of the EuroCup playoffs (quarter-finals), the 1st team of each group plays with the runner-up of a particular opposite group. Four winners of these fixtures advance to the semi-finals and also play in pairs. At the end of it all, two semis’ winners play the main title out in the decisive EuroCup final.

The EuroCup fixtures in the playoffs have a best-of-three format. However, if any team wins two of the first three matches, the last game is skipped.

The most frequent EuroCup champions

In total, 12 clubs have become EuroCup champions at least once since 2002. The following clubs have the biggest numbers of titles:

Among the most recent winners of the EuroCup are Darussafaka (2018), Malaga (2017), and Galatasaray (2016).

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