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Being among the most popular indoor sports events in the world, EuroLeague unites the best European basketball clubs since 2000. The competition can boast the highest attendance rates among all world’s basketball leagues (behind only NBA), so it’s no wonder that fans and gamblers pay a lot of attention to it. If you’re among the former or the latter, why don’t you try to place some EuroLeague bets on YesPlay? is an online sports betting platform, favored by those who prefer convenient and effective basketball betting. So, learn more about the competition’s format, analyze current EuroLeague basketball standings, and go on!

Competition format

Currently, the league involves 16 basketball clubs. All of them are members of the top-tier domestic European basketball leagues, which have either annual or long-term EuroLeague licenses.

In a regular season, all participants take part in a standard double round-robin tournament, with each team playing 30 EuroLeague games in total. After that, 8 most successful clubs proceed to the playoff stage. Playoffs are organized the following way:

Teams Playoff
1st and 8th Playoff A
4th and 5th Playoff B
3rd and 6th Playoff C
2nd and 7th Playoff D






These playoff fixtures have a best-of-five format with higher scored teams playing 3 matches at home and 2 away. The winners of these series get an opportunity to compete in the Final Four.

In the Final Four competition, the winner of playoff A meets the winner of playoff B, and the other playoffs’ winners play with each other. These ties are single-legged, and they define, who will proceed to the EuroLeague final. Semi-finals losers fight for the 3rd place in an additional fixture.

Famous EuroLeague winners

Since the competition got its current format in 2000, 7 basketball clubs have won the title of EuroLeague winners. Some of them were crowned champions more than once. These are:

The other winners are Fenerbahce and Real Madrid. Each of these teams can boast 1 league’s trophy.

Before placing your bets, analyze current EuroLeague basketball standings. Perhaps, one of the top-scorers is making its way to the EuroLeague final again?

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