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A national soccer cup is a competition of a very high importance for not only Turkish football players, but also fans and gamblers. As the tournament involves teams of all levels (from top-flight clubs to amateurs), Turkey Cup fixtures are always unpredictable and interesting. Bet on them with YesPlay! is a brand-new sports betting platform, created with accordance to all modern gambling tendencies. We’ve already thought every little detail out, so you can trust us completely, and simply enjoy your smooth betting experience. So, choose some matches from the Turkey Cup table, and start playing right away with!

Turkey Cup format

As for now, 159 teams from the 5 highest levels of Turkish football pyramid take part in the competition. The tournament consists of 4 single-legged rounds and the same number of double-legged stages. The last stage is a Turkish Cup final, which involves two strongest participants of the tournament.

The teams enter the competition in the following order:

  • 1st round — 33 Regional Amateur League teams, 9 newly promoted 3 Lig teams;
  • 2nd round — all remaining 3 Lig teams;
  • 3rd round — all 2 Lig and 1 Lig teams; Super Lig teams, ranked 14th to 18th;
  • 4th round — Super Lig teams, ranked 5th to 13th;
  • 5th round — Super Lig teams, ranked 4th to 1st.

The rounds, listed above, are followed by the round of 16, and then quarter- and semi-finals. Two best teams proceed to the Turkish Cup final, which is a single-legged tie.

Rounds 1st to 4th consist of knockout ties. All other matches, except for the final, are double-legged.

The winners of the tournament get a chance to compete in the Europa League, starting from the group stage. They also are qualified for the Turkish Super Cup, along with the Super Lig champions.

Turkish Cup top-scorers

The best Turkey Cup results are assigned to Galatasaray with 17 wins and 22 final appearances overall. Besiktas is also among the top-scorers, having participated in 15 finals, 9 of which ended up in a win. Trabzonspor has 8 trophies and can boast 14 finals appearances. Notable Turkey Cup results were also shown by Fenerbahce, who took part in 16 finals and won 6 of them.

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