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Many basketball fans and bettors pay much attention to NBA fixtures, completely forgetting about the WNBA basketball games. We consider this a big mistake! Introduced in 1997, the WNBA league has already become a basketball event of a full value, not less exciting than a legendary NBA. Moreover, WNBA is a good opportunity to enjoy the good basketball during the NBA break!

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WNBA format

Just like the NBA participants, all WNBA basketball teams belong either to the Eastern or to the Western Conference. However, there are no divisions — each conference involves 6 teams only. The training and exhibition matches usually begin in May, and the WNBA season starts shortly after them.

In a course of a regular season, WNBA basketball teams play 204 matches in total (34 per team). Every participant plays:

  • 4 matches against a particular team from the same conference;
  • 12 matches against all the rest conference members (3 with each club);
  • 18 matches against 6 particular clubs from the opposite conference (3 with each club).

When all these matches are played, 8 best teams (regardless of a conference) advance to the WNBA playoffs. Before the playoffs’ start, the clubs are seeded (the seeding process also doesn’t depend on the teams’ conferences). The top two seeds come directly to the semi-finals, and the following two seeds get a bye to the 2nd round.

The WNBA playoffs have the following structure:

  • 1st round — the 8th vs the 5th, the 7th vs the 6th;
  • 2nd round — the 3rd vs the lower seeded 1st round winner, the 4th vs the other 1st round winner;
  • semi-finals — the 1st vs the lower seeded 2nd round winner, the 2nd vs the other 2nd round winner;
  • WNBA finals — semi-finals’ winners.

The 1st and 2nd rounds are knockout. On these stages, teams play a single match, which determines their fate. As for the semi-finals and the WNBA finals, they consist of the five matches.

Famous WNBA champions

Unlike the NBA, WNBA was introduced comparatively recently. However, the competition already has its own top-scorers. Among the most famous WNBA champions are:

  • Houston Comets (now folded) and Minnesota Lynx — 4 wins each;
  • Detroit Shock, Los Angeles Sparks, Phoenix Mercury — 3 wins each;
  • Seattle Storm — 2 wins.

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