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Without any doubts, boxing is a sport of the strong and brave ones. Fighting on the ring is not as easy as it seems — actually, it is very hard and risky. Despite that, both male and female boxers keep fighting regularly to win the titles of the major boxing organizations, therefore making their way to fame. The boxing bouts are often strained but very exciting. So, if you’re really into boxing, stop simply enjoying it — start placing bets!

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Boxing bouts today. Rules and regulations

All modern boxing bouts can be split into the two big categories — amateur and professional. The former are usually played on the amateur level but also are common for such major tournaments as the Olympic Games. As for the latter, they take place much more often and are regulated by the world’s major boxing organizations.

The professional bouts can consist of not more than 12 rounds, after which the referees decide who is a winner. However, the bout can stop earlier, if any boxer can’t keep fighting or strictly violates the rules. In such cases, the opponent of the disqualified (or the knocked out) boxer wins automatically.

Currently, there are 4 most significant boxing organizations in the world:

  1. World Boxing Council;
  2. International Boxing Federation;
  3. World Boxing Organization;
  4. World Boxing Association.

All eligible boxers can fight for several organizations’ titles at once. The sportsman, who obtains at least two major world’s titles, is called a ‘unified champion’.

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The best boxing results

There are only 4 fighters in history, who had been holding all the major organizations’ titles at a time. These are:

  • Bernard Hopkins (the USA);
  • Jermain Taylor (the USA);
  • Terence Crawford (the USA);
  • Cecilia Brækhus (Norway) — the only female boxer to have such an achievement.

The best boxing results in the bouts for the unified championship are assigned to the following fighters:

  • Wladimir Klitschko, Ukraine — 15 wins (IBF, WBA, WBO titles, heavyweight);
  • Jose Napoles, Cuba and Mexico — 14 wins (WBC, WBA titles, welterweight);
  • Muhammad Ali, the USA — 14 wins (WBC, WBA titles, heavyweight).

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