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Without any doubts, Formula One is a sport for brave and clever ones. Actually, it is not so easy to construct a car, which would be able to come first in the Formula 1 racing! The constructors and pilots put a lot of effort to make their appearances really breathtaking. So, if you’re already bored with football or baseball, try to place some bets on F1 — it’s a completely different competition!

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Formula One betting with YesPlay

The competition consists of several parts, which are called Grands Prix. Each F1 Grand Prix takes place in a different country and has its own peculiarities. However, they all consist of three basic stages:

  1. Free practice.
  2. Qualifying sessions.
  3. Formula 1 racing.

On the first stage, Formula One teams test their cars and learn the peculiarities of the track. As for the second stage, it consists of three knockout rounds, in which the slowest drivers gradually leave the competition. In the last round, 10 fastest drivers compete and earn points, which correspond to their finish positions.

The race itself is the most exciting part of the tournament. Participants drive around the track, trying to overtake their competitors. In the end, 10 fastest drivers earn points for themselves and for their teams.

After all the Grands Prix, each driver’s and team’s points are summed up. The most successful driver becomes the World Champion and the best team obtains the Constructors’ Champion title.

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