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Without any doubts, the F1 British Grand Prix is among the most famous and notable Formula 1 events at all. Firstly, this GP was the opening race of the inaugural Formula 1 season. Secondly, it hasn’t been excluded from any Formula 1 edition yet. Thirdly, the Grand Prix is held on a famous Silverstone race circuit, which is considered to be very fast and insidious. There are many other reasons for this Grand Prix’s popularity, but you definitely should see it yourself!

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The British GP peculiarities

The British Grand Prix was introduced in 1926, and became the part of the Formula 1 in 1950, right after the competition’s inception. Previously, the Aintree and Brands Hatch circuits used to be the alternative venues for this race. However, the Silverstone race circuit became the only tournament’s venue in 1987. The track is about 5.9 km long, so drivers have to complete 52 laps in the race to finish it.

Just like in any other F1 event, the drivers’ starting positions for the race are determined in a British GP qualifying. This mini-competition consists of the three rounds, lasting for 18, 15, and 12 minutes respectively. Only 15 fastest drivers remain in the qualification after the 1st round, with all the other racers being knocked out and awarded the worst starting positions in the race. Five more drivers leave the British GP qualifying in the 2nd round, also getting the appropriate starting positions. Finally, 10 fastest racers play out the top 10 starting positions in the 3rd qualifying round. It is notable that they have to start the race with those tires they used in the 2nd qualifying round.

Drivers always begin racing from their starting positions. A racer, who completes 52 laps faster than his competitors, becomes a winner. A champion and his respective team get the maximal number of points — 25. The other drivers, which finish within the top 10, also get points with accordance to their British GP results. For example, the runner-up and his team get 18 points, while the 10th racer obtains just 1 point.

Famous British GP winners

There are several drivers and constructors, who managed to win the British Grand Prix more than once. Among the most notable British GP winners are:

  • Alain Prost (France), Jim Clark (Great Britain), and Lewis Hamilton (Great Britain) — 5 titles each;
  • Nigel Mansell (Great Britain) — 4 titles;
  • Niki Lauda (Austria), Jack Brabham (Australia), and Michael Schumacher (Germany) — 3 titles each.

The most successful constructor of the British GP is Ferarri with 15 wins in total. However, McLaren has only 1 trophy less.

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