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Many Formula One fans adore night races. Lit by the artificial lights, the circuit always seems more dangerous than it is, making the race intriguing and romantic. If you have watched the F1 Singapore race at least once, you know it for sure. The nighttime start, combined with a track’s wall-proximity, makes this F1 event incredibly attractive for fans, spectators, and, of course, bettors.

There are not so many opportunities for the Formula 1 betting during the year, so you definitely shouldn’t miss the Singapore GP. For drivers, this race is a real ordeal, but for you, it is a chance to enjoy the good racing show and get some extra money.

F1 Singapore schedule and peculiarities

The inaugural edition of the Singapore race took place in 1961. However, the event proved itself to be very dangerous, so it was given up after just 8 seasons. After that, the race returned to the Formula 1 calendar only in 2008 and has never been skipped since then.

The majority of drivers and constructors consider this race incredibly hard and testing. Firstly, the competition usually starts at 8 p.m. on local time, and it’s not so easy to drive at the artificial-lightened circuit. Secondly, the track itself (Marina Bay Circuit) is very close to the walls and is considered to be the slowest among the Formula 1 locations. Thirdly, the weather in Singapore is often hot and humid, and not all the drivers can easily work in such circumstances. So, winning the Singapore GP is a very prestigious achievement for both racers and their respective teams.

Traditionally, the F1 Singapore schedule starts with the free practice session. It is obligatory to participate at least in one session to keep competing. Having completed their free practices, drivers advance to the Singapore Grand Prix qualifying on the following day.

The Singapore Grand Prix qualifying consists of the 3 stages:

  • 1st round — lasts for 18 minutes, eliminates 5 slowest drivers. The knocked-out racers get starting positions from 20th to 16th;
  • 2nd round — lasts for 15 minutes, eliminates 5 slowest drivers. The knocked-out racers get starting positions from 15th to 11th;
  • 3rd round — lasts for 12 minutes, splits the top 10 starting positions between the remaining drivers.

The drivers start the race on the positions, obtained in the qualifiers. The track is almost 309 km long and consists of the 61 laps. After the race, the driver with the best F1 Singapore results gets 25 points. The silver and bronze finishers obtain 18 and 15 points respectively.

Multiple Singapore Grand Prix winners

The following drivers are the multiple Singapore Grand Prix winners:

  • Sebastian Vettel — 4 wins;
  • Lewis Hamilton — 3 wins;
  • Fernando Alonso — 2 wins.

As for the constructors, Mercedes and Red Bull are the absolute Singapore GP leaders with 3 titles each.

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