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Golf is often considered one of the most untypical kinds of sports. Unlike soccer or baseball, it isn’t played on a venue with predefined borders and doesn’t gather over-crowded stadiums. Despite that, new golf courses regularly appear all over the world, and several major tournaments take place annually. So, it would be fair to say that golf is incredibly popular, and golf betting online is one of the modern gamblers’ priorities!

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How to predict golf results with YesPlay

To predict golf results effectively, you need to know the basic rules. The main player’s goal is to put the ball into the hole in a minimal number of attempts (strokes). While doing this, a golfer has to consider various obstacles, such as roughs, bunkers, and water hazards. To achieve his goal, a player can use a set of not more than 14 golf clubs.

The majority of golf matches belong to one of the two categories — the stroke play, or the match play (the former is more common for professional tournaments). In a stroke play, players’ numbers of strokes for all the holes are summed up. The golfer with the lowest total score becomes the winner. As for the match play, players’ numbers of strokes for each hole are compared separately. The golfer with the lowest score wins the hole. To win a golf match, a player needs to win the bigger number of holes.

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