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The Open Golf Championship (or British Open) is a real buzzword in the golf fans’ community. However, that’s no wonder. The tournament is one of the 4 most prestigious golf events in the world and always involves the most skilled and motivated players. So, if you like this competition and even have some favorites, why don’t you try yourself at the British Open golf betting?

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British Open format

The competition was introduced in 1860, so its format has changed several times. Currently, there are 165 British Open players in the competition. Among them are:

  • the players, which showed good British Open results in the past;
  • top players from the Official World Golf Ranking;
  • the golfers, which were successful in different world’s professional and amateur competitions;
  • the players, which qualified via the pre-tournament qualifying events.

The competition takes place in July, lasts for a week, and consists of the 4 rounds. Although the Open Championship venue varies from season to season, the golf course always consists of the 18 holes. In each round, all these holes are played.

Absolutely all British Open players take part in the first two rounds. The players’ scores are the numbers of strokes they needed to complete all the holes. When these 2 rounds are over, only 70 most successful golfers remain at the competition. They take part in two more rounds, after which the winner is defined. In case of a draw, an additional 4-hole playoff is held. If there is still a critical tie situation, the competition continues in accordance with a sudden-death format.

The multiple Open Championship winners

There are several Open Championship winners, which managed to get a gold medal more than once. An absolute record-breaker is Harry Vardon with 6 titles in total. In addition to that, some players won either 5 or 4 trophies, but they all did it more than 40 years ago. The only exception is Tom Watson, who won 5 titles during a period from 1975 to 1983.

Among the most recent champions are:

  •  J. Spieth, the USA — 2017;
  • H. Stenson, Sweden — 2016;
  • Z. Johnson, the USA — 2015;
  • R. McIlroy, Northern Ireland — 2014;
  • P. Mickelson, the USA — 2013.

Pay an extra attention to the past champions, while placing your bets!

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