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Among all North American hockey competitions, not only the NHL is worth attention. The American Hockey League is another popular tournament, which lacks neither professionalism nor excitement. Being the NHL‘s minor league, this competition involves mostly young and enthusiastic players. Perhaps, that’s the main reason why the American Hockey League fixtures are the noteworthy and interesting events for both fans and bettors.

Check out the latest YesPlay’s hockey odds today to bet on the upcoming AHL matches. On this page, you can find them all. But first, we recommend you to immerse yourself deeper into the AHL rules and basics, even if you’re already an experienced fan.

AHL format and rules

Currently, there are 31 AHL hockey teams in the competition. Six of them are based in Canada, while the others represent the USA. Almost all the AHL participants are the reserve teams or affiliates of the NHL clubs. 

The AHL structure resembles the format of the NHL. Depending on their geographical location, teams are divided between the two Conferences: Eastern (16 teams), and Western (15 teams). The Eastern Conference consists of two Divisions: Atlantic (8 teams) and North (8 teams). The Western Conference’s Divisions are named Central (8 teams) and Pacific (7 teams).

In a course of a regular season, which lasts from October to April, teams play only with the clubs from their respective Conferences. Every participant has its own American Hockey League schedule. Clubs from the Central, Atlantic, and North Divisions have 76 games in their regular season calendars. As the Pacific Division is smaller, its members play only 68 matches.

Afterward, the 4 most successful teams from every Division advance to the AHL hockey playoffs. The playoffs consist of the 4 rounds. In the first playoff round (Division Semi-Finals), the qualified AHL hockey teams play within their Divisions in the following order: 1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd. The winners of these series play in the Division Finals (still within their Divisions). Afterward, the champion of each Division advances to the Conference Finals, which are played within Conferences. At the end of it all, two strongest teams (one from the Eastern Conference and one from the Western) meet in the competition’s final. The champion gets a trophy, named the Calder Cup.

All the series in the AHL hockey playoffs have a best-of-seven format. The only exception is the Division Semi-Finals, which have a best-of-five format.

The best AHL hockey results

The following teams have the best AHL hockey results in the tournament’s history:

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