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Let us guess — when talking about hockey, you first and foremost think about NHL. And it’s entirely logical — this league is fairly considered the most important hockey event in the world. However, ‘the most important’ doesn’t mean ‘the only one’. There are many other competitions, which are worth fans’ and gamblers’ attention. And the international KHL hockey league is definitely among them.

Involving teams from 7 countries, the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) annually offers us many unpredictable and exciting matches. And each of these fixtures is a good opportunity to place some winning bets. So, if you don’t know how to bet on hockey yet, let’s start!

Tournament format

Currently, there are 25 KHL hockey teams in the competition. They represent different 7 European and Asian countries. In the tournament’s draw, teams are divided between the two Conferences — Western and Eastern. The Western Conference involves 12 teams and consists of the two equal Divisions (Bobrov and Tarasov). As for the Eastern Conference, it involves 13 teams, so its Chernyshev Division has one player more than the other Division, Kharlamov. An interesting fact: the Divisions’ names are the surnames of the famous hockey players.

The KHL hockey teams play the following fixtures in a course of a regular season:

  • 4 matches against every club from the same Division;
  • 4 matches against 2 particular clubs from the opposite Division of the same Conference (clubs from Chernyshev Division play 4 matches with only 1 club from the opposite Division);
  • 2 matches against the remaining teams from the opposite Division of the same Conference;
  • 2 matches against every club from the opposite Conference.

Such a schedule results in 62 KHL games for each team in total. During the season, the participants accumulate points, collecting 2 points for each winning.

When the regular season ends, the top 8 clubs from each Conference enter the KHL playoffs where they compete for the Gagarin Cup. The playoffs have a best-of-seven format and the following structure:

Eastern Conference 1st vs. 8th Conference semi-final Conference final The Gagarin Cup final
4th vs. 5th
2nd vs. 7th Conference semi-final
3rd vs. 6th
Western Conference 1st vs. 8th Conference semi-final Conference final
4th vs. 5th
2nd vs. 7th Conference semi-final
3rd vs. 6th

In the first three rounds of the KHL playoffs, the higher seeds play at home.

The highest KHL hockey scores

Although the competition was introduced only in 2008, there already are top-scorers:

So, to bet on KHL games more effectively, keep an eye on these teams!

How to bet on hockey KHL league with

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