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The Betfred Super League (called so according to the current sponsor) is one of the major annual rugby league competitions in the Northern hemisphere. The tournament currently involves 12 teams — 11 English and 1 French. Competition’s popularity is so high that gamblers from all over the world never miss any of rugby Super League fixtures. YesPlay gives you a perfect opportunity to join them now!

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Competition format

First, all Super League rugby teams compete in a standard double round-robin tournament, meeting each of competitors twice. After that, the participants proceed to the Super 8’s stage. 8 clubs from the highest positions of the table fight in the Top 8 tournament for 4 playoff places. As for the others, they meet the best 4 Championship (a second-level rugby league competition) clubs in Qualifiers to define who will stay in the tournament for the following season.

Unlike the Qualifiers participants, Top 8 teams keep their scores in Super 8’s. They meet each of competitors once, with higher placed teams playing a higher number of home matches. The winner of the Top 8 obtains the League Leaders’ Shield and proceeds to playoff along with the next 3 clubs from the rating.

The Qualifiers have the same format as the Top 8, with 8 teams meeting each other once. When those fixtures are played, the top 3 participants automatically gain places in Betfred Super League for the following season. The 4th and 5th clubs fight for the remaining Super League place in an extra match. The loser of this fixture descends to the Championship, just like the remaining 3 teams.

In the playoff, the League Leaders meet the 4th team from the Top 8, while the runners-up play with the 3rd Top 8 club. These knockout fixtures define who will take part in the Super League final, usually held at Old Trafford.

Super League is closely linked to several other competitions, such as the Challenge Cup and the World Club Series. The first is a rugby league cup tournament, involving professional and amateur clubs from several European countries. The second is a series of matches, involving 3 National Rugby League members (including the winners), League Leader’s Shield owners, Challenge Cup owners and Super League winners.

Super League record-breakers

As for now, the best Super League rugby teams are:

Wigan Warriors and St. Helens can also boast becoming runners-up for 6 and 5 times respectively.

Pay an extra attention to these teams, while betting on Super League. Perhaps, one of them is going to make its way to the Super League final again!

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