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For many years already, New Zealand has an undoubted status of one of the top rugby countries in the world. So, it would be strange if the native land of the legendary All Blacks didn’t have the complicated system of the exciting rugby union competitions. Although the Mitre 10 Cup is only the 2nd level of this system, the tournament is incredibly interesting and popular. Hence the Mitre 10 Cup fixtures definitely deserve your attention!

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Competition format and structure

According to the current format, the Mitre 10 Cup draw is divided into the two equal Divisions. Their names are Championship Division and Premiership Division, and the former is considered higher than the latter. Every Division includes 7 rugby union clubs.

In a course of a regular season, every participant plays 10 games. First, a team meets each of the members of its respective Division once. After that, the participant plays with 4 particular members of the opposite Division. The point awarding system is typical — 4 for a win and 2 for a draw. Moreover, the rugby union bonus points are also used in the Mitre 10. To get a bonus point, a team must score 4+ tries or lose by less than 7 points.

When the regular season ends, the eight Mitre 10 Cup teams (4 highest clubs of each Division) proceed to the semi-finals. These fixtures are played within the Divisions — 1st team hosts the 4th, and 2nd team hosts the 3rd. After that, the semi-finals’ winners play with each other (still within their respective Divisions). As a result, two strongest teams (one winner from each Division) advance to the Mitre 10 Cup final. This match decides the eventual title holder.

At the conclusion of the season, a few changes are made to the Mitre 10 Cup draw. The 1st team of the lower Premiership Division advances to the Championship for the next season, while the 7th Championship team takes its place.

If the two or more Mitre 10 Cup teams have equal scores, the following tiebreakers are applied:

  • the results of the individual meetings;
  • points differences;
  • numbers of tries scored;
  • coin toss.

The best Mitre 10 Cup results

The best Mitre 10 Cup results to the date are assigned to the Canterbury. During a period from 2008 to 2017, they won the title 9 times. Apart from this team, only 3 clubs managed to win the Mitre 10 Cup trophy. These are Waikato (2006), Auckland (2007), and Taranaki (2014).

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