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The Algeria Professional Ligue 1 is the most important soccer competition in the respective country. The league has been in existence since Algeria got independence in 1962. In all these years, the tournament has evolved from a union of the amateur leagues into the full Algerian top division. And such a top-flight league of the 10th-largest country in the world definitely has something to offer to fans, spectators and bettors.

Here on YesPlay, you can bet on any of the upcoming Algerian Ligue 1 fixtures. Use our soccer odds today to do it precisely and effectively. But before you start using all YesPlay’s features for betting on the Algerian Ligue 1, learn more about the competition’s rules and basics.

Tournament format

A total of 16 Algerian Ligue 1 teams take part in every season of the competition. During the period from August and up to the following May, they play a double round-robin tournament. Every participant plays half of the matches as a host and half as a guest. The point-awarding system is also classical: +3 for a win, +1 for a draw, nil for a loss.

In the Algeria Ligue 1 table, teams take positions in accordance with their points. If there is a tie for international qualification or relegation, the following criteria are the tiebreakers:

  • direct points (between the tied teams);
  • direct goal difference (between the tied teams);
  • total difference of goals FOR and AGAINST;
  • total number of goals scored;
  • the least number of yellow and red cards;
  • an extra playoff match.

When the 30 rounds are completed, the team with the best Algeria Ligue 1 results becomes the national champion. Along with the runner-up, it is eligible to enter the CAF Champions League. The bronze medalist of the competition gets the CAF Confederations Cup berth. Moreover, if the winner of the Algeria Cup is among the top-3, the 4th team from the Algeria Ligue 1 table also enters the Confederations Cup, and the 5th club goes to the Arab Club Championship. Otherwise, the 4th team enters the Arab Club Championship and the 5th team stays beyond the international arena.

The 3 teams with the worst Algeria Ligue 1 results are relegated to the Ligue 2. The top-3 participants of the latter competition take their places.

The most successful Algerian Ligue 1 teams

Since 1962, the following teams have won the biggest numbers of the Ligue 1 titles:

  • JS Kabylie — 14 wins of 24 finals (the most recent in 2008);
  • ES Setif — 8 wins of 11 finals (the most recent in 2017);
  • MC Alger and USM Alger — 7 wins each.

The most recent champions of the competition are CS Constantine (2018), ES Setif (2017), and USM Alger (2016).

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The competition has no major differences from many other world’s top-flight leagues. However, it’s still interesting and exciting. So, choose your favorites, and use our soccer odds today to bet on the Algerian Ligue 1. The instant registration, big bonuses and a huge variety of betting markets will definitely make your experience as smooth as possible.

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