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The true soccer fans know, that not only the European leagues are strong, world-known, and worth attention. There are many leagues from other continents, which annually attract a lot of spectators and take the first places in the world ratings. Do you want an example of such a tournament? Here it is — the famous Superliga Argentina.

Being one of the oldest football competitions in the world, the Argentinian Premiership is also the 4th strongest domestic top-flight league in the world. So, the tournament is never neglected by soccer fans and the most successful gamblers. Join the latter — place a winning soccer bet on the Argentina Superleague with!

League format

The competition obtained its current format in 2015. Nowadays, the Superliga is a typical round-robin competition, which involves 26 Argentina League teams. Every team plays 25 matches, so the tournament’s schedule has 325 matches in total. Although the regular season consists of the 25 match days only, it usually runs from August to April.

The participants’ positions in the Argentina Primera Division table depend on the following criteria:

  1. Total score.
  2. The results of an extra playoff match (when there is a need to define a champion).
  3. Total goal difference.
  4. The number of goals scored.
  5. The results of the individual meetings between the two teams.
  6. Head-to-head goal difference.
  7. The numbers of goals scored in the head-to-head matches.

At the end of the season, the highest team in the standings becomes a champion and qualifies for the group stage of Copa Libertadores. The runner-up and a bronze medalist join the same competition in the same round. The 4th team from the Argentina Primera Division table joins Copa Libertadores, too, but only on the second stage. Teams on positions 5th to 9th qualify for the Copa Sudamericana.

In each season, 4 teams are relegated to the Primera B Nacional. These are the clubs with the worst average results for the past 3 years. However, only 2 clubs come to the top-flight league instead of them. This is the champion of the Primera B Nacional, along with the winner of a separate promotion playoff.

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The best Argentina Primera Division results

Since the tournament’s inception in 1891, there have been 27 winners of the Argentinian Prem. Among the most successful Argentina League teams are:

Please pay an extra attention to these teams — they have been showing the best Argentina Primera Division results over the past few years!

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