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Although the Argentina Torneo Federal A is only the third division of the Argentine soccer pyramid, it is worth your attention for many reasons. Firstly, it has a complicated and atypical structure, so the participants meet each other on the pitch very often. Secondly, the tournament is the only way for the clubs to get promoted to the Primera B Nacional. So, the Federal A teams always show their best skills to come closer to this goal.

On this page, you can achieve your goal — get money for betting on the Federal A. With YesPlay, it’s as easy as ABC. But before you proceed to online sports betting, we recommend you to read some useful notes about the competition itself.

Federal A format and rules

The number of the Torneo Federal A teams varies from season to season, which is typical for the third tier. However, there are usually 36 teams in the competition. From September to June, they are involved in a tournament, that consists of the two major parts: the Championship and Revalida Stages. But before the competition is split, the common First Stage is played.

In the First Stage, the Argentina Federal A table consists of the 4 equal groups. Clubs are split between groups in accordance with their geographical location. Every group plays a double round-robin tournament. After that, 4 clubs from each group with the best Argentina Federal A results advance to the Championship Stage. All the other participants enter the Revalida Stage.

In the Championship Stage, 16 participants play the single round-robin tournaments in two equal groups. The group winners and runners-up along with the best team from the 3rd position advance to the decisive Third Round. This stage sees 5 strongest Torneo Federal A teams competing in another round-robin tournament. The winner of this competition finally gets the champion’s title and a promotion to the Primera B Nacional.

The winner of the Revalida stage also gets the Primera B Nacional berth. However, it’s much more difficult to achieve promotion through the Revalida. This stage consists of the 6 Phases, and the losers of the Championship Stage join the Revalida gradually. 

As for the 8 teams with the worst Argentina Federal A results, they move down to the Federal B. These are the 4 least successful clubs from the First Phase of Revalida, along with the 4 of the remaining clubs with the worst average results from the first two rounds of the competition.

The past Torneo Federal A winners

In the past few years, the following teams topped the Argentina Federal A table:

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