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Contrary to the popular belief, women’s soccer is not less professional or interesting than the men’s football. And the Australia women’s W-League only proves this fact. Being the women’s professional top-flight league in Australia, the competition has many fans and spectators in all parts of the world. By the way, bettors love this tournament, too!

If you want to place some bets on the W-League, you’ve already found a right online betting platform. Approved by official regulating authorities, YesPlay is among the most convenient and reliable betting sites in South Africa. However, before you start predicting the Australia W-League results and placing bets, we recommend you to learn more about the tournament. Keep reading this text to do it right now.

W-League format and structure

As the women’s football is a little less popular than the men’s, there are only 9 W-League teams in the competition. Almost all of them have the A-League affiliates. In a course of a regular season, which lasts from November to February, every team plays 12 W-League fixtures. Each club plays twice with half of its opponents, and only once with the remaining teams. The point awarding system is classical — +3 for each win, and +1 for each draw. In contentious situations, the following criteria define the higher placed team:

  • total goal difference;
  • the total number of goals scored.

After the regular season, top 4 teams from the Australia W-League table advance to the playoff stage. In the first playoff round, the 1st team plays with the 4th, while the 2nd club meets the 3rd. The winners of these single-legged W-League fixtures advance to the Grand Final. The Final is also played in a single match. The winners of the Final get the Champions’ title, while the winners of the regular season are crowned the Premiers.

If there is a tie after the playoff match, the extra time is awarded. If still a tie, the penalty series defines the winner.

There is no women’s second tier in Australia, so there is no system of promotion and relegation in the W-League.

The best Australia W-League results

Since the competition’s inception, a total of 6 W-League teams have been crowned the Premiers. The same number of clubs have obtained the Champions’ title. Among the multiple W-League Champions are:

  • Melbourne City — 3 wins;
  • Canberra United — 2 wins;
  • Sydney FC — 2 wins.

The most frequent winners of the Premiers’ title to the date are:

  • Canberra United — 3 wins;
  • Brisbane Roar — 2 wins;
  • Sydney FC — 2 wins.

Over the past 3 years, nobody had won the Champions’ title except for Melbourne City.

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