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Connoisseurs of the South American football really love the Bolivian Prem. It is the only professional soccer league in the respective country, so it involves only the best of the best. Moreover, the competition was recently expanded and reformed, so now it’s even more interesting than before. So, if you’ve chosen Bolivia Primera Division fixtures to bet on, you’ve made the right decision.

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Bolivian Primera Division format

As for now, there are 14 Bolivia Primera Division teams in the tournament. They represent the different regions of Bolivia. Like the majority of the South American leagues, Bolivia Prem consists of two parts — Apertura and Clausura. The former takes place in the first half of the year, while the latter lasts until the year’s end.

In Apertura, Bolivia Primera Division teams are evenly split between the two groups. Every club plays 14 matches — twice with each of the respective group members, and twice with its rival from the opposite group. After that, top 4 teams from each group advance to the Championship playoff. As for the other participants, they take part in the Copa Sudamericana playoff.

Both playoffs consist of the 3 stages — quarter- and semi-finals, and a decisive final. However, the Championship playoff also has an additional match for the 3rd place. The fixtures in both playoffs are double-legged. The winner of the Championship playoff gets a national title and qualifies for the Copa Libertadores (along with the runner-up). The bronze medalist and the champion of the Copa Sudamericana playoff get Copa Sudamericana berths.

In Clausura, there is a common Bolivia Premier League table for all teams. They play a simple double round-robin tournament on a home-away basis. The winner and runner-up of Clausura are also eligible for Copa Libertadores, and the next two teams from the table enter the Copa Sudamericana.

At the end of the tournament, the team with the worst average Bolivia Prem results over the past 2 years is relegated to Liga Nacional B. The champion of the latter league comes to the Premiership instead. The second last team from the common Bolivia Premier League table has to defend its top division place in a playoff match against the Liga Nacional B runner-up.

The former Bolivia Prem winners

Since the competition’s inception in 1977, 10 teams have become the Bolivia Prem winners. Among the record-breakers are:

The most recent champions are Jorge Wilstermann (2018 Apertura), and Bolivar (2017 Apertura and Clausura).

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