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The Brazil Cup (or Copa do Brasil) is a unique competition, which shows the Brazilian soccer in all its diversity. Involving both small local sides and eminent football giants, Brazil Cup fixtures are the exciting soccer spectacles. Moreover, these matches are always unpredictable, because provincial teams often defeat more famous and professional clubs. Isn’t it interesting for both soccer fans and gamblers?

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Copa do Brasil format

According to the current format, the competition involves 91 participants. The following teams are eligible to enter the tournament:

  • 70 most successful state leagues participants (1 to 5 from each state);
  • 6 highest placed Serie A teams;
  • Copa Verde and Copa do Nordeste holders;
  • 10 clubs with high CBF rankings, which haven’t been qualified in other ways.

The following clubs may take the remaining 2 places:

The clubs, qualified via the Serie A along with the Copa Libertadores participants get a bye for the round of 16. The other 80 clubs join the tournament at its very beginning. To proceed to the round of 16, they have to go through the following stages:

  • 1st round — single-legged matches, higher ranked team advances in case of a draw;
  • 2nd round — single-legged matches, a penalty shoot-out defines the winner in case of a draw;
  • 3rd round — double-legged matches, the away goals rule or a penalty shoot-out defines the winner in case of a draw;
  • 4th round — the same format as the 3rd round.

After four rounds, the 5 teams with the best Copa do Brasil results join the knockout stage, where they meet the remaining participants. 

The knockout stage consists of the round of 16, quarter- and semi-finals, and the final match. All ties in the knockout stage are double-legged, with an away goal rule and a penalty series used in all rounds except for the final.

The best Copa do Brasil results

During the competition’s almost 30-year history, only 15 Brazilian teams managed to take the 1st position of the Copa do Brasil table. However, among them are several top-scorers:

Pay an extra attention to these clubs, while betting on Brazil Cup. Perhaps, the next winner is among them?

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