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We all love cup competitions as they often involve clubs with different levels of training, skills, and experiences. But one of the most prestigious cup tournaments of England — EFL Trophy — offers us even more. It involves not just clubs from different divisions but also the clubs of the different age categories! Have you ever seen such a diversity of participants within just one competition?

Taking place from August to April, the Chekhatrade Trophy (called so because of the sponsorship issues) is worth your attention. So, bet on the event with YesPlay, while it hasn’t come to an end! The sports betting process here is incredibly profitable, simple and pleasant.

Competition format

There are 64 participants in the tournament. 48 of them are all the members of the Leagues One and Two. As for the other 16 participants, they are the U21 teams of the particular EPL and Championship clubs. These teams are chosen on the several criteria of eligibility.

All the participants enter the competition in the 1st round with no byes. On this stage, clubs are split between the 16 equal EFL Trophy groups (with accordance to the geographical location). Every group belongs either to the Northern or the Southern section (the sections are also equal). Each of the EFL Trophy groups may contain only one U21 team.

Within groups, teams play a round-robin tournament, getting 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss. After that, group winners and runners-up advance to the 2nd round. On this stage, every group winner hosts a runner-up of a particular opposite group of its respective section. The winners of these single-legged EFL Trophy fixtures (with penalty series used as a tiebreaker) move on to the 3rd round. Here the teams compete in pairs with random opponents, still within their sections.

In the round 4, the remaining teams from different sections finally unite. After another series of the EFL Trophy fixtures in pairs, 4 winners advance to the semi-finals. These matches define the participants of the decisive Checkatrade Trophy final, which traditionally takes place at the Wembley Stadium in London.

The best Checkatrade Trophy results

The competition was set up in 1983. Since that time, the following teams have shown the best Checkatrade Trophy results:

Among the most recent winners are Lincoln City (2018), Coventry City (2017), and Barnsley (2016).

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