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It is difficult to find more interesting, unpredictable and versatile English soccer competition than the EFL Cup. Being held since 1960, English League Cup (or simply the League Cup) attracts spectators not only in England but all over the world. And the tournament’s popularity is entirely justified.

EFL Cup unites English clubs on levels from 1 to 4 of English football pyramid. That means that all representatives of Premier League and EFL itself can take part in the tournament. Where else can you see professional English soccer in all its diversity? Definitely nowhere.

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Competition format

As mentioned above, all members of EPL and EFL are eligible for the tournament. 92 English clubs take part in the competition in total. The tournament has 7 rounds, which are all single-legged (except for semi-finals).

Those participants, which are eligible for UEFA competitions, start playing in the 3rd round. The other clubs, which are members of Premier League, start competing in the 2nd round. All other teams get no byes, except for the cases when the amount of teams on the particular round is odd.

EFL Cup fixtures are mostly played on weekdays. The only exception is a final match, which is usually played on Sunday. The tournament finishes in February, while other leagues are often finished in May. That draws extra attention to EFL Cup fixtures.

Some experts consider League Cup a not very significant tournament due to the low prize money. Despite that, the majority of English clubs take EFL Cup very seriously. For soccer giants, the League Cup is an opportunity to win one more prestigious trophy. Sometimes well-known clubs also use EFL Cup as an opportunity to train young players. Less eminent clubs are fighting mostly for a chance to take part in Europa League. They rarely manage to do it, but even beating a soccer giant in a single match is a little winning for non-topnotch clubs.

Famous League Cup winners

Among clubs, which have shown the best EFL Cup results, are:

While betting, pay particular attention to former League Cup winners. They are more likely to be successful in this season’s fixtures!

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