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You may find this surprising, but there is a sporting event which is more popular than the Olympics. Such event is nothing but FIFA World Cup. Around 700 million fans watch each of the World Cup fixtures, especially when it comes to final. It’s obvious that FIFA World Cup betting is very popular, too.

FIFA World Cup final takes place only once in four years. So hurry up to place your winning bets now, in the midst of the tournament!

FIFA World Cup qualifiers

Before fighting for the main trophy, participants have to go through FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Qualification round usually starts three years before the final stage and lasts for almost two years. Its rules and format depend on the continental zone, where qualifiers are held. During the qualification, 32 partakers of the greatest soccer world cup final are chosen. In the contentious situations, some teams play additional matches in playoff stage to join the final.

Final competition format

As mentioned above, 32 best world’s national teams take part in the final competition. By the way, the host nation’s team always comes directly to the final stage.

Before the competition 8 strongest teams (including the host nation’s) are seeded and placed into separate groups. The other participants are divided into three pots, from which they are placed in the separate groups, too. However, there are some rules which may affect the results of the draw. For example, one group can’t contain more than two European teams.

Within each of the groups, teams play once with each of their competitors. After that, 16 best teams (groups’ winners and runners-up) come to the round of 16. Then follow the quarter-finals and semi-finals. These stages define two teams that will fight for the main trophy in the final.

FIFA World Cup winners

During the competition’s history, only 8 national teams managed to win the greatest soccer world cup. A true record-breaker is Brazil — fivefold world champion. Among FIFA World Cup winners also are:

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