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There are many soccer competitions in France, but French Cup is always among the most popular. Why? The answer is simple. Coupe de France fixtures involve teams from different levels of French football pyramid, and also clubs from overseas regions. So, these matches are not only spectacular football events but also good opportunities to place winning bets!

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Competition format

The tournament consists of 14 rounds overall, with the first 6 rounds played within regions or overseas territories. Amateur teams join the competition in rounds 1 and 2, and teams from Championnat National 3 enter in the 3rd round. Clubs from Championnat National 2 and Championnat National join the competition in the 4th and 5th rounds respectively.

Professional Ligue 2 clubs join the tournament in the 7th round. They compete with those participants, which showed the best French Cup results on the previous stages. Overseas regions’ winners and runners-up proceed to this round, too.

In the 7th round, some teams travel abroad to meet clubs from overseas regions. The other participants are divided into regional groups and play in the main draw. If some overseas teams win the 7th round, they get a home advantage on the next stage.

Teams from Ligue 1 appear in Coupe de France table in the round of 64. On this stage, clubs are also split into groups. Starting from the round of 32, there are no groups  — participants simply get random opponents.

The round of 32 is followed by the round of 16, quarter- and semi-finals, and a grandiose French Cup final. The winner of the French Cup final gets a place in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League.

In all French Cup rounds, matches are single-legged. If the result is a draw, an extra time and a series of penalties are played.

The best French Cup results

The first French Cup season took place in 1917. So, it’s no wonder, that some teams managed to take the first place of the Coupe de France table more than once, and became record-breakers. 

Paris Saint-Germain is the most successful French Cup team. The club obtained 11 cups and became runner-up 4 times. Marseille is a little less successful, as the team has won 10 French Cup trophies. The 3rd place in the common rating belongs to Lille and Saint-Etienne. Each of these teams can boast 6 cups.

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