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Club friendlies today

When football was only establishing itself as a popular kind of sports, club friendlies were the most common type of the fixtures at all. However, the global development of the soccer changed this tendency. The professional leagues consecutively replaced the club friendlies fixtures. Now, these matches are mostly held during the preparation to the major domestic+- leagues or international tournaments.

Club friendlies are usually arranged by the teams themselves. Such matches don’t bring the players much profit and don’t improve their ratings significantly. However, they are important, as footballers can prepare for the league competitions, qualifications or finals. Friendlies also are a good way to test the young players and the newcomers. Sometimes friendly matches are also used as the fundraising charity events.

Club friendlies today may involve either the clubs from the same country or the sides from different countries and even continents. In some situations, the opponents have the equal skills and levels. However, sometimes the friendlies are a good opportunity for smaller clubs to try themselves in a game against the more eminent teams. 

The rules of the friendlies are usually freer than in the competitive matches. For example, the number of substitutions is often not limited, and there are no yellow and red cards. That often makes the club friendlies scores much different from the competitive matches’ outcomes.

Club friendlies fixtures in the tournaments

In some situations, friendlies are the part of the soccer competitions. The brightest examples of such tournaments are:

  • Community Shield;
  • Amsterdam Tournament;
  • Emirates Cup;
  • International Champions Cup;
  • Teresa Herrera Trophy.

Although these events are not very prestigious, their winners often get the appropriate trophies and even monetary rewards.

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