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The history of Mexico Copa MX (or simply Mexican Cup) is really curved. Since its inception in 1907, the competition has changed its purpose and format several times. Moreover, the tournament saw several suspensions and seemed to be completely abandoned in 1997, but nevertheless returned to the Mexican football calendar. Now, the Mexican Cup is an incredibly prestigious and spectacular cup competition.

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Competition format

Just like the country’s top division, Liga MX, the Mexican Cup consists of two parts: Apertura and Clausura. The former lasts from July to October, while the latter begins in January and finishes in April. Every part of the Copa MX is a separate tournament with its own final and champion.

Twenty-seven Copa MX teams take part in both Apertura and Clausura. They represent the top two divisions of the Mexican soccer pyramid. In Apertura, there are 17 Liga MX teams (all clubs except the newly promoted one), and 10 Ascenso MX teams. As for the Clausura, there are less Liga MX clubs as some of them are busy in the CONCACAF Champions League at the respective time. As a result, the Ascenso MX teams take the vacant places.

The Apertura and Clausura have the identic formats. In the first round, all Copa MX teams are split between the nine groups of three. Every group plays a double round-robin tournament. After that, all the group winners advance to the knockout stage. The seven group runners-up with the best Copa MX results also advance to the further round.

In the knockout stage, teams are ranked 1st to 16th in accordance with their performance from the previous round. First, they play the single-legged Copa MX fixtures in pairs: 1st team with the 16th, 2nd with the 15th, and so on. The winners of these matches advance to the quarter-finals, which are followed by the semis. At the end of it all, two strongest teams fight for the main title in the Mexico Cup final. Moreover, the winners of each season’s Apertura and Clausura play out an additional trophy — the Mexican Super Cup.

In the knockout stage, the penalty shootout is the main tiebreaker in the contentious Copa MX fixtures.

The best Copa MX results

Since the beginning of the professional era (1943), the following clubs have deserved the highest places in the Copa MX table of record-breakers:

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