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The advantages of this league are hard to count. The strongest soccer league in North America, one of the 20 strongest leagues in the world, the 4th most popular sports event in both Americas — that’s all about the Mexico Liga MX. Moreover, the competition is the 4th most attended soccer league in the world (behind only Bundesliga, EPL, and Spanish Primera). So, why would any bettor miss such a popular and interesting soccer competition?

If you want to place a football bet on the Liga MX, our betting platform is the best place to do that. We promise that your betting experience on YesPlay will be as smooth as nowhere else. However, a reliable gambling site is only a half of success. Before you start betting on Liga MX successfully, you should learn the basic rules of this tournament.

Competition format

Currently, the 18 Mexican Liga MX teams take part in every edition of the tournament. They start playing in July, in a mini-tournament called ‘Apertura’ (or ‘opening’). In a course of this tournament, each club plays 17 Liga MX fixtures, meeting every competitor only once. After that, the 8 strongest teams of Apertura advance to the playoff stage.

The playoff stage is a 3-round knockout tournament. On each stage, teams play two-legged Liga MX fixtures in pairs. The team with the biggest aggregate score advances to the next stage. As a result, two strongest teams remain in the playoff final where they compete for the title of Apertura champion.

In January, all the Mexican Liga MX teams start playing actually the same tournament called Clausura. There is also a playoff, and the winning team gets a title of the Clausura champion. The winners and finalists of both Apertura and Clausura qualify for the following edition of the CONCACAF Champions League. However, if any team qualifies more than once, the Champions League berth is given to the non-qualified team with the highest score. There is an important rule: there should be two qualifiers from Apertura and two from Clausura.

The relegated team is defined by the relegation Liga MX table, where clubs are placed in accordance with their results over the past 3 years. The place of the relegated team is taken by the most successful club from Ascenso MX.

The best Liga MX results

The tournament has been in existence since 1943. During this period, the best Liga MX results have been shown by:

  • Guadalajara — 21 finals, 12 trophies;
  • America — 21 finals, 12 trophies;
  • Toluca — 17 finals, 10 trophies;
  • Cruz Azul — 18 finals, 8 trophies.

The most recent Liga MX champions are Santos Laguna (Clausura 2018), UANL (Apertura 2017), and Guadalajara (Clausura 2017).

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