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National First Division (NFD) is a second level league in South Africa soccer pyramid. Despite that, the tournament is not less popular and exciting than the topflight PSL (Premier Soccer League). NFD fixtures are stably watched and visited, and the competition itself attracts a lot of attention.

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South Africa National First Division history and rules

The very beginnings of the tournament go back to 1987 when OK League was established as a second level of South African football. But the NFD itself started in 1996. Since that time the league was divided into two divisions on a regional basis. After each season the winners of two league’s branches competed for the final tournament trophy.

In 2011 things changed, and two divisions were merged into one whole league. Now there is a single stream of 16 participants in each National First Division season. Due to the rules, each of NFD clubs should have at least 5 South African-born players aged 23 or less, and no more than 3 foreign members.

The competition has a classical double round-robin format. Each participant plays 30 NFD fixtures — once at home and once away with each competitor. Three scores are awarded for the win, one for the draw result, and no scores for the loss.

At the end of the season, the team with the best NFD results is promoted to Premier Soccer League. The teams placed second and third compete in the play-off stage with the 15th PSL team. The winner of that stage gets a place to the topflight league too.

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