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What do you associate with Spain? True football fans will answer not ‘corrida’ or ‘flamenco’ but ‘La Liga’. And they will be right: this tournament is a top-flight Spanish soccer league. La Liga fixtures are the fourth most-attended among world’s professional soccer leagues’ matches. About 27000 fans attend each game of the league. There is no need to say that amount of gamblers who bet on La Liga results is much bigger. If you call yourself a true soccer fan, feel free to join them!

Tournament format

As most European leagues, La Liga is a standard double round-robin tournament. During the football season, 20 strongest Spanish teams manage to play 38 matches. When match days are over, three weakest Primera Division teams are shifted to Segunda Division. Their places are taken by two top-scorers of Segunda Division table and a play-off winner.

Top four La Liga participants get directly into the group stage of UEFA Champions League. Fifth- and sixth-placers get an opportunity to compete in Europa League.

La Liga top scorers

Since its start in 1929, La Liga managed to raise true record-breakers. Famous Real Madrid was crowned a champion for 33 times, while renowned Barcelona is a 24-time winner. Among La Liga top scorers are also:

  • Valencia (became a champion for 6 times).

Keep an eye on La Liga news, related to above-mentioned teams. Top-scorers are more likely to play successful matches, so you can use these stats to make winning bets.

But league members have other great attainments besides good La Liga results. La Liga clubs have got the greatest amount of titles in top UEFA and FIFA leagues, such as Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup. This is an extra reason for league’s popularity with both fans and gamblers.

La Liga betting on

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