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Pretty soon, 32 strongest European soccer clubs will start competing for the Champions League title. However, it’s hard to imagine this grandiose competition without the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. Annually, 57 clubs enter the Champions League qualifying draw, but only 6 strongest of them actually qualify. So, the qualifiers’ participants have to work really hard to reach their goal!

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Competition format

According to the current format, the Champions League qualifying draw is divided into the two parts — the Champions Path and the League Path. The former involves the domestic champions only, and the latter is for the remaining qualifiers’ participants. As the League Path is much smaller, the first two qualification rounds involve only the Champions Path teams.

The preliminary stage is a two-round mini-competition, which involves only 4 leagues’ winners (countries 52-55 in the UEFA rankings). The champion of this tournament advances to the 1st round, where it joins the next 31 participants (winners from countries 20-51). Starting from this stage, participants on both paths play in pairs. Every pair meets twice, switching the hosts’ and the guests’ roles.

The 2nd Champions League qualifying round involves 20 clubs in the Champions Path. These are the winners of the previous round (16 clubs), and the 4 national winners (countries 16-19). In the League Path, this stage involves only 4 participants (the silver medalists of the countries 12-15). All winners of this stage’s ties come to the 3rd round. There are some new entrants, too: 2 league winners in the Champions Path (countries 14-15) and the 5 runners-up in the League Path (countries 7-11). Moreover, the bronze medalist of the 6th country also joins the qualification in the 3rd round (in the League Path).

The playoff stage is the last Champions League qualifying round. In the playoff, the new entrants come only to the Champions Path (2 league winners from countries 12-13). Along with the 6 previous round’s winners, they play out the 4 group stage berths. In the League Path, there are only 4 playoff participants (previous round winners), half of which actually qualify.

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Clubs, which are eligible for the Europa League qualification

Almost all Champions League qualification losers join the Europa League qualifiers. They do it in the following stages:

  Champions League round The respective Europa League round
Champions Path 1st or preliminary 2nd
2nd 3rd
3rd playoff
playoff group stage (direct qualification)
League Path 2nd 3rd
3rd or playoff group stage (direct qualification)

So, keep an eye not only on the UEFA Champions League qualification table. The Europa League standings also deserve your attention!

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