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The Europa League qualification is an inevitable part of the competition’s structure. The qualifiers define the worthiest teams, which join the strongest European clubs in the Europa League playoffs. Moreover, it’s a good chance for the Champions League losers to try their luck in Europe once more.

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Europa League qualifiers’ format

Currently, the qualifying competition consists of the 4 Europa League qualifying rounds. The clubs from all the 55 UEFA associations take part in these stages. These are mostly either the national cups’ winners or the top teams from the national leagues.

In total, the Europa League qualifying draw involves 173 clubs. 14 of them start competing in the preliminary round. These are:

  • cups’ holders from countries 52-55;
  • clubs from the 2nd (countries 49-54) and 3rd (countries 48-51) positions in the national leagues.

Seven preliminary round winners join the following clubs in the 1st qualification round:

  • national leagues’ winners (countries 26-51);
  • domestic leagues’ runners-up from the countries 18-48;
  • clubs, which came 3rd in the national leagues (countries 16-47).

Starting from the 2nd qualification round, the Europa League qualifying draw is divided into the two parts: the Main and the Champions Paths. The former is for the Europa League participants directly. As for the latter, it involves the teams, which were knocked out from the Champions League qualification.

The 2nd and 3rd qualification rounds

The last two Europa League qualifying rounds have the following format:

  Champions Path Main Path
Round 2

The Champions League clubs:

  • 17 losers from the round 1;
  • 3 losers from the preliminary round.

47 winners from the round 1;

7 cups’ holders (countries 19-25);

The clubs from the domestic leagues:

  • runners-up (countries 16,17);
  • 3rd place (countries 13-15);
  • 4th place (countries 7-15);
  • 5th place (countries 5,6);
  • 6th place (countries 1-4).


Round 3

The 10 winners from the round 2;

The 10 losers of the Champions League 2nd qualification round.

37 winners from the round 2;

6 cups’ holders (countries 13-18);

The clubs from the domestic leagues: 

  • 3rd place (countries 7-12);
  • the 4th team from the country ranked 6th.


As a result, 36 teams with the best Europa League qualifiers results enter the playoffs. 10 of them are from the Champions Path, and the others represent the Main Path.

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