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When this tournament was introduced in 2018, everybody was literally confused. The world’s soccer schedule was already full of various events — so why did we need another international competition? However, the UEFA Nations League fixtures proved themselves to be very important. They helped to reduce the number of the unnecessary friendlies along with improving the quality of the friendly meetings.

The tournament’s structure and format may seem complicated to you at first. But should it prevent you from betting on the international competition of such a level? Of course, no! So, learn more about the event, and bet on soccer today with

Competition format

There are 55 participants in the competition — all the UEFA-affiliated nations are eligible to enter. In the inaugural tournament’s edition, the countries were split between the 4 Leagues (A, B, C, and D) with accordance to their UEFA rankings. The League A involved teams with the highest scores and the League D consisted of the teams with the lowest rankings.

Every League consists of the 4 Nations League groups of either 3 or 4 countries. In a course of the group stage, teams play the typical double round-robin tournaments within their respective groups. After that, the winners of all the groups from Leagues B, C, and D are promoted one League higher. As you can easily guess, the losers of all the groups from Leagues A, B, and C are relegated in the same way.

Only the top teams of the Nations League groups from the League A have a right to contest for the title. When the group stage ends, these 4 teams (in pairs) meet in the single-legged semi-finals. The winners of these fixtures advance to the UEFA Nations League final, while the losers contest for the 3rd place in a playoff match.

European Championship qualification

The Nations League has an impact not only on the friendlies‘ schedule but also on the Euro qualification. Although the latter tournament involves 24 participants, only 20 of them get their places in the draw after the Euro qualification. As for the remaining 4 places, they are played out in the UEFA Nations League fixtures. 

All the groups’ winners from the four Leagues are eligible for the Euro playoffs. If any group winner has already qualified, its place in playoffs is given to the next highest-ranked team from the respective group (or League). In case that any League has less than 4 non-qualified countries, the remaining playoff berth(s) move one League lower.

Bet on the UEFA Nations League online with

The tournament takes place only once in two years. So, don’t waste your time waiting for the UEFA Nations League final — start placing your bets right now! With YesPlay, betting is always easy, funny, and rewarding. Choose any Nations League match, bet on soccer today, and see it for yourself!

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