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If you’re keen on African football, we strongly recommend you to follow up the Zimbabwe Premier League. It is the top league in the Zimbabwean soccer pyramid with a more than 30-year history. Involving only the best soccer clubs in the country, this tournament always has something to offer fans and spectators. Moreover, the sports bettors find this competition attractive, too.

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Tournament format

A total of 18 Zimbabwe PSL teams take part in the competition. The league has a typical format: every team plays twice with each of its rivals on a home-away basis. Participants add 3 points to their score after each win and 1 point after each draw.

Clubs’ positions in the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League table depend on their total score. However, when two or more clubs have equal scores, their positions depend on the following criteria:

  • the difference of goals for and goals against;
  • total number of goals for;
  • the results of the head-to-head matches between the tied clubs;
  • the result of an extra playoff fixture.

The regular season usually begins in March or April and lasts until October or November. In a course of a season, every team plays 30 Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League fixtures, so the season consists of 270 matches in total. After that, the 4 lowest clubs from the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League table move down to the secondary league — Division One. The four most successful clubs from the latter competition take the vacant places in the top tier for the following season.

At the conclusion of the season, the team with the best Zimbabwe PSL results are crowned champions. Moreover, they automatically qualify for the following year’s CAF Champions League.

The best Zimbabwe PSL results

The following Zimbabwe PSL teams have won the biggest numbers of titles since 1980:

  • Dynamos — 16 wins;
  • Highlanders — 7 wins;
  • CAPS United — 4 wins;
  • Black Rhinos — 2 wins.

Among the most recent Zimbabwean champions are FC Platinum, CAPS United, and Chicken Inn.

Our advice to you is to pay more attention to both recent winners and top-scorers. These are the strongest football clubs in Zimbabwe, so betting on them tends to be rewarding.

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