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The ATP London singles tournament is a part of only the fourth tier of the men’s professional tennis. However, the competition is still among the most prestigious and popular tennis events in the world. In different times, ATP London (or Queen’s Club Championships) involved such tennis stars as John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Lleyton Hewitt, and even Rafael Nadal. So, this event is definitely worth your attention!

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ATP London format

As a rule, the Queen’s Club Championship takes place in June and lasts for a week. Before the competition begins, a qualifying tournament is held. 16 sportsmen take part in the two-round qualifiers (half of them are seeds). In the end, only 4 of the participants actually qualify. However, the others also have a chance to qualify as the lucky losers.

Every ATP London season involves 32 participants in the singles competition. There are usually 8 seeds, and 3 or 4 wild cards. However, there are no byes — all the players, including the seeds, start competing on the 1st round. The Queen’s Club tournament’s draw is divided into two halves. Participants from different halves of the draw don’t meet each other up to the Queen’s tennis final.

The ATP London schedule for the singles tournament consists of the 5 stages: the 1st and the 2nd rounds, the quarter- and semi-finals, and a decisive Queen’s tennis final. Traditionally, the matches consist of two sets and (if needed) a tiebreak. 

Just like in the doubles competition, the winner of the Queen’s Club singles tournament gets 500 points. As for the runner-up, he gets 300 points. The semi-finalists, quarter-finalists, and the round of 16 participants are awarded 180, 90 and 45 points respectively. Moreover, qualifiers’ participants also get extra points: 10 for reaching the 2nd qualifying round, and 20 for passing the qualifiers.

The best Queen’s tennis singles results

Since the beginning of the Open Era, many players have managed to win the ATP London title more than once. The biggest numbers of wins belong to:

  • Andy Murray — 5 wins;
  • Andy Roddick — 4 wins;
  • Lleyton Hewitt — 4 wins;
  • Boris Becker — 4 wins;
  • John McEnroe — 4 wins.

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