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Being one of the most prestigious ATP World Tour Masters 1000 events, ATP Rome is also among the best red clay tournaments in the world at all. Known also as Italian Open or Rome Masters, the competition is very popular among fans and gamblers. If you want to place some bets on this tennis competition, do it on YesPlay!

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Сompetition format

As for now, 24 pairs are in the Rome Masters draw in the doubles tournament each season. 8 of these pairs are usually seeded, and get a direct bye to the second round. The other participants enter the competition via the qualifying round or get the wildcards.

On the first round, each of the 16 non-seeded pairs gets a non-seeded opponent in a Rome Masters draw and plays a match with it. The winners of the 1st round proceed to the 2nd round, where each of them competes with one of the seeded teams. 8 best pairs qualify for the quarter-final stage, and 4 of them remain for the semi-final. At the end of it all, 2 best teams take part in a grandiose Italian Open final, which defines the winner.

The competition usually takes place in May and lasts for two weeks. As for the matches, they consist of two sets on all rounds. However, if after two sets the winner can’t be defined, participants play an extra tie-break.

Although there are many Italian Open fixtures each season, the tournament lasts for a few weeks only. So, it’s time to predict Rome Masters results and place bets, while the competition is in its midst!

Rome Masters doubles records

The tournament’s history started in 1930. So, it’s no wonder that some participants managed to show record-breaking Rome Masters results in the doubles competition. The most successful pairs are:

  • Brian Gottfried (USA) and Raul Ramirez (Mexico). This pair were the winners 4 times in a row (1974-1977).
  • Bob Bryan and Mike Bryan (USA). This pair obtained 4 titles in a period from 2008 to 2016.

However, the most successful player of the Italian Open is not mentioned above. It is the Australian Neale Fraser, who won 6 titles during the period from 1957 to 1964. He won his first title with Lew Hoad, then obtained 3 titles in pair with Roy Emerson, and lifted two more trophies with Bob Hewitt.

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