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Traditionally, every year’s Grand Slam tennis season finishes with a grandiose event — the US Open. Held on the New York’s hard courts, the US Open men’s singles competition annually involves 128 strongest players from all over the world. Needless to say, that the tournament attracts exponentially more spectators, fans, and bettors. So, why don’t you try yourself at the US Open tennis betting, too?

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Tournament format

The competition’s scale is really amazing. Annually, the US Open men’s singles draw involves 128 players in both qualifiers and the competition proper. The competition proper usually starts on the last Monday of summer and lasts for the two weeks. As for the US Open tennis qualifying, it begins a week before the competition proper and continues just for a couple of days.

Among the 128 participants of the US Open tennis qualifying, 32 are seeds. Nine players usually get the wild cards, and some of the participants may have a protected ranking. The qualifying draw is divided into 16 equal sections (qualifiers). After the three-round competition, only 1 player from each section enters the competition proper. However, the final losers often also qualify as the lucky losers.

There are also 32 seeds in the competition proper. Among the other players, 8 are wild cards, and 16 are the qualifiers. The US Open tennis schedule consists of the 7 rounds, which culminate in the grandiose final match. All the fixtures without exception consist of the five sets maximally. Unlike the other Grand Slam competitions, the US Open format uses the tiebreakers after each set, so there are no draws at all.

The winner of the US Open men’s singles final gets 2000 prize points, leaving his less successful opponent with 800 points fewer. The semi- and quarter-finalists are awarded 720 and 360 points respectively. As for the participants of the pre-finals rounds, they get the following numbers of points:

  • 4th round — 180;
  • 3rd round — 90;
  • 2nd round — 45;
  • 1st round — 10.

The best US Open men’s singles results

The following players are the most frequent winners of the US Open men’s singles final:

  • Roger Federer (Switzerland), Jimmy Connors (the USA), and Pete Sampras (the USA) — 5 titles each;
  • John McEnroe (the USA) — 4 titles;
  • Ivan Lendl (Czechoslovakia) and Rafael Nadal (Spain)  — 3 titles each.

Rafael Nadal (2017), Stan Wawrinka (2016) and Novak Djokovic (2015) are the most recent champions.

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