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Every year, the tennis fans from all over the world eagerly wait for the last Monday of August. This day is always the start of the US Open — the last Grand Slam event in the annual tennis schedule. Just like the men’s singles competition, the women’s singles is one of the most popular parts of the tournament. So, we strongly recommend you to try yourself at the US Open tennis betting, while the women’s singles competition hasn’t come to its end.

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Tournament format and regulations

As you can easily guess, the US Open is similar to any other Grand Slam event. However, the tournament has some notable differences. Firstly, it is the only Grand Slam event in which the tiebreakers are used after each of the sets. Secondly, the women’s singles regular season involves 16 qualifiers instead of the usual 12.

Both US Open tennis qualifying and competition proper involve 128 players in the women’s singles. In the qualifiers, there are 32 seeds and 9 wild cards. The other participants enter the US Open tennis qualifying directly (some of them may have a protected ranking). After a three-round competition, 16 strongest players (along with the lucky losers) get their places in the main US Open women’s singles draw.

In the main competition, there are 32 seeds and 8 wild cards. All the other players are the direct entrants, qualifiers, lucky losers or the sportswomen with a protected ranking. Traditionally, the US Open women’s singles draw is split into the 2 equal halves of 4 equal sections each. The participants play a seven-round tournament, with the 7th round being a decisive US Open women’s singles final.

All the matches consist either of the two or three (in case of a tie) sets. The winner of the grandiose US Open women’s singles final grabs 2000 points, and the finalist has to settle for 1300. As for the participants of the other tournament’s stages, they are awarded the following numbers of points:

  • semi-finals — 780;
  • quarter-finals — 430;
  • 4th round — 240;
  • 3rd round — 130;
  • 2nd round — 70;
  • 1st round — 10.

Moreover, the participants of all the rounds of the competition proper get various money rewards.

The most frequent winners of the US Open women’s singles

Since 1968, several players have shown the record-breaking US Open women’s singles results. These are:

  • Serena Williams (the USA), Chris Evert (the USA) — 6 titles each;
  • Steffi Graf (Germany) — 5 titles;
  • Martina Navratilova (the USA) — 4 titles.

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