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Being among the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon is often considered the most grandiose tennis event in the world. And that’s no wonder — the competition’s scale is really amazing. Annually, the Wimbledon tennis fixtures involve singles players, pairs, mixed pairs, juniors, and the wheelchair sportsmen. However, the men’s and women’s singles have always been the most interesting parts of the tournament. 

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Wimbledon men’s singles format

The competition’s season usually starts early in July. Shortly before that, the qualifying tournament is held. It involves 128 players, which are evenly split between the 16 qualifying groups. After the 3 qualifying rounds, only one player from each part of the qualifying draw enters the competition proper. However, some participants with the high rankings may also qualify as lucky losers.

Along with the 16 qualifiers, the Wimbledon men’s singles draw usually involves 8 players with the wild cards and 104 direct entrants. Among the latter are also the special exempts and the players with a protected ranking.

In the competition proper, there are 32 seeds. They don’t get byes and start competing from the first round. As in the majority of tennis competitions, the Wimbledon men’s singles draw consists of the two equal halves, including four equal sections each. After the 4 rounds, only one player from each section advances to the finals. As for the finals tournament, it consists of the quarter-finals, semi-finals, and a final itself.

The Wimbledon tennis fixtures have a best-of-five format in all stages, including the qualifiers. However, if the winner can be defined after a less number of sets, the match stops.

The Wimbledon singles champions get 2000 points, while the finalists get 1200. As for the semi- and quarter-finalists, they obtain 720 and 360 points respectively. Reaching the round of 16 costs 180 points, and the round of 32 brings a player 90 points. Those players, which reach the rounds of 64 and 128, get 45 and 10 points respectively. Moreover, all qualifiers obtain 25 points, and the participants of the last 2 qualifying rounds get either 16 (qualifying finals) or 8 (the 2nd qualifying round) points.

The most famous Wimbledon singles champions

Since the beginning of the Open Era, some players have already shown the record-breaking Wimbledon men’s singles results. Among the most frequent champions are:

  • Roger Federer, Switzerland — 8 trophies;
  • Pete Sampras, the USA — 7 trophies;
  • Bjorn Borg, Sweden — 5 trophies;
  • Novak Djokovic (Serbia), Boris Becker (Germany), and John McEnroe (the USA) — 3 trophies each.

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