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The Wimbledon ladies’ doubles format

Annually, there are 64 pairs in the Wimbledon women’s draw. 57 of them enter the competition directly, thanks to their high WTA rankings. However, some of the direct entrants may also be the special exempts or the participants with a protected ranking. 

Along with the direct entrants, there are usually 3 pairs with the wild cards in the main doubles’ draw. Those pairs, which neither have the high rankings nor get a wildcard, can enter the competition through the qualifiers. The qualifying tournament involves 16 pairs, half of which are seeds. After the two-round competition, 4 most successful pairs take the remaining places in the Wimbledon women’s draw.

In the Wimbledon ladies’ doubles, the draw consists of the two equal halves, including 2 equal sections each. The competition starts with the 3 rounds, aimed to define the 8 pairs with the best Wimbledon women’s results. These participants advance to the 3-round finals’ tournament, which ends up in a grandiose Wimbledon ladies’ final. The final winners get a really generous reward — 2000 extra points. As for the runners-up, they add only 1300 points to their rankings.

The other main draw entrants get the following numbers of points:

  • 780 — semi-finalists;
  • 430 — quarter-finalists;
  • 240 — the round of 16 participants;
  • 130 — the round of 32 participants;
  • 10 — the round of 64 participants.

It is notable that the qualifying competition brings the players no points, even if they manage to qualify.

Traditionally, the fixtures in the Wimbledon ladies’ doubles consist of the two sets and an optional tiebreaking set. The same format goes for the qualifying matches.

Past Wimbledon ladies’ winners

There have been many Wimbledon ladies’ winners since the beginning of the Open Era. However, some pairs became the real tournament’s legends. These are:

  • Serena Williams and Venus Williams, the USA — 6 trophies;
  • Martina Navratilova and Pam Shriver, the USA — 5 trophies;
  • Rosemary Casals and Billie Jean King, the USA — 3 trophies;
  • Gigi Fernandez (the USA) and Natasha Zvereva (Belarus) — 2 trophies;
  • Cara Black (Zimbabwe) and Liezel Huber (South Africa) — 2 trophies.

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